Recorded well over a year ago, 41st Century Splendid Man is AMT at their absolute prime, featuring special guest TATSUYA YOSHIDA of the RUINS!

    Two extended tracks (35+ minutes) of transcendental psych-drone. Side one has to be the most beautiful track AMT have ever recorded. Uncharacteristically tranquil and captivatingly beautiful. Droning, shimmering chimes coalesce into some sort of cosmic Ur-drone, punctuated by simple caveman thuds and epic swooshes, resulting in a grand and gorgeous ambience! Side two is a single track separated into two movements. The first sees AMT back on more familiar ground, with swooping synths and freak out guitar. A stumbling kosmic krautrock, with motorik rhythms and free guitar, amidst a swampy wash of rumbling low end and squealing synths. The track erupts into bubbling atonal out-rock exploration splattered with mad scientist synthesisers as the whole thing slowly mutates into 'cosmic slop' of the nth degree, becoming gradually free-er and free-er. The second 'movement' is all slithery free jazz with bubbling cauldrons of synth sputter, wild keyboards and Can-like rhythms until the whole thing gets all dreamy, eventually blissing out completely.

    Hand stamped sleeves, gorgeous picture disc, with a striking flowers/UFO image on one side, and a scintillatingly saucy photo on the other.


    There -will- be a CD version in the future, but it looks like the tracks on the CD (and maybe even the artwork) will be completely different. Oh well.

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