A dream come true. japan's mighty bathtub shitter on tUMULt. i nearly pass out every time i think about it. this is our first ever xmas record, and we tried our very best to get it done in time for this december, cuz as we all know, it's just not christmas without bathtub shitter. unfortunately you are just gonna have to wait until next year. at least you'll have something to look forward to other than coal in your stocking and a new sweater.

imagine some strange mix of Drop Dead, the Boredoms, Brutal Truth, CSSO, death metal, grindcore, and well....um...shit! crunchy riffs swing from almost-surf rock, to Zeppelin groove to metallic crunch, but spend most of their time in grind mode, splattered and speeding out of control. crazy drumming, farting bass and some wicked guitar noodling add to the sick sonic stew. but the vocals are where things get really weird. the main vocals are of the burping, grunting, cookie monster death metal variety, belching out indecipherable tales of shit and shitting, but their foil is a squealing, squeaking little girl of a man voice, sounding either like a babblingly hysterical middle age housewife shrieking at the top of her lungs or a horror movie cheerleader being evicerated, screaming in that terrified way only dying cheerleaders in horror movies do. the two vocal styles swing and switch and battle and butt heads like some sort of bastard grindcore Beastie Boys. or imagine Chuck D as Chris Barnes in his Cannibal Corpse days and Flavor Flav as the aforementioned shrieking dead cheerleader. with the everpresent S1Ws made up of members of S.O.D. and Angelcorpse.

so awesome. and if we're lucky, there might be some other tUMULt / bathtub shitter action in the future as well...

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