The Finnish masters of droning hypno-rock! The aptly-named Circle construct intricate, ever-shifting, hypnotic grooves that explode with sheer power but also stay focused and emotive, repetitive and mesmerizing.

    Simple and melodic guitar lines, antiquated synthesizers, and the occasional deep, Gregorian-style chant, intertwine with warm washes of sound and urgently staccato rhythms. Like a Steve Reich or Terry Riley piece performed by a rock band. Basic riffs are stretched and reshaped, creating bleak, underwater grooves and dizzingly repetitive rhythms sounding like an otherworldly This Heat or a heavier, more damaged Can. Mellow jazzy moments and delicate melodies intersect with heavy, Bonham-esque beats and crushing hypnotic force.

    Elements of prog, jazz, post-rock, dub, and metal all collide in their intense, utterly original, mindblowing sound. Makes sense that Circle are the most visible (and prolific) group hailing from the legendarily eclectic and eccentric Finnish avant-rock underground, with many recordings on the super hip Bad Vugum label, among others.

    With their unique, hypnotic pull, Circle are the modern-day, northernmost heirs to the krautrock tradition of Can and Neu!, with hints of weirdo 70's progrock a la Magma as well. An atmospheric doom opera that out-spaces most spacerock and out out-posts most post rock. If you dig Trans Am, Mogwai and Tortoise, or the neo-krautrock of Kreidler and To Rococo Rot, then you absolutely have to check out Circle! For a sound far better and beyond what those mundane-in-comparison acts could ever imagine!

    Tumult is proud to present Circle's
Andexelt, their sixth record. It's the first Circle record to be officially released in the US (with "Pori" being reissued by Knitting Factory sublabel Feldspar) and has a bonus track - "Friitalan Nahka" - not on the original Finnish release, along with improved graphics. Andexelt contains all the elements that have defined Circle over the years, as well as progressing in new directions as their albums always have. It should definitely please longtime fans of the band, as well as being a great introduction to Circle for newcomers.

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