A digital introduction to the analog world of Drone Records.

    A small sampling of wondrous sounds from this ongoing series of limited, lovingly hand assembled 7" singles.


* maeror tri "these tears will crystalize"
* alio die "thank you lucky star"
* dual "klanik"
* ultra united "volunteer (excerpt)"
* delphium "stringsong 1"
* inade "movement and construction"
* aube "re-chant"
* vance orchestra "rollercoaster mind"
* osso exotico "VII part 2"
* klood "juste de passage"
* vir "strika"


* reynols "10,000 chicken symphony part 1"
* spear "the names - the low frequency silence"
* dronaement "wassermond"
* toy bizarre "KDI DCTB 49"
* tarkatak "oroa"
* francisco lopez "untitled single piece #A"
* kallabris "81o n.Br./178o oe.L. (pt. 2)"
* yen pox "deliver"
* die feinen trinker bei pinkels "A O B"

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