Ultra-tight, super brutal grind metal powerhouse from Chicago, Illinois, release record number two of punishing, brutalising mayhem, custom designed to alienate and annoy. A huge legion of possible fans are left in the cold by not having a sense of humor and by the fact that the Rats take nothing seriously, except their metal. Jokes about art, cocks and other bands, mocking the braindead metalheads they seem to always end up playing to, skits, 80's hair metal, synth pop and general silliness can not hide the skull crushing precision metallic onslaught that these jokers can spit out at will.

    The Sound Of No Hands Clapping is the mighty follow up to the amazing "Fanning the Flames of Fire" album released by Chicago's Up Jumps The Devil label and it's a doozy. Imagine the spazz inflicted genre hopping of Mr. Bungle, only way more black metal and Venom, more Thin Lizzy, more comedy and more like your older hesh brother that's been working at the 7-11 since he dropped out of high school. The jokes are funny (kind of) and the music is punishing and furiously brutal, when it's not completely moronic. With song titles like "Gary Drug Abusey", "Uncle Tom's of Finland", "Paper Thin Lizzy", "Straight Up Comedy Grind" and an 80's metal cover of the theme song to Beverly Hills 90210 (with a 90210 sample poking fun at fellow midwestern grinder Weasel Walter - he of the Flying Luttenbachers, Lake of Dracula and Hatewave, among others), you might be inclined to pass off 7KDR as a novelty item - but take out the comedic element, and you have a hellish, brutal metal record, better than most of their more serious minded contemporaries.

    I mean, if they dropped their comedy schtick and just played straight up grind/metal, they would be huge. Probably on Relapse, and selling hundreds of thousands of records. But they won't, and they're not, so they're on tUMULt, with help from our noisy unkempt friends at the even more subversive Toyo Records. Fans of Anal Cunt, Pig Destroyer, Drop Dead, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Dying Fetus, Bathtub Shitter, Fuck...I'm Dead, Faxed Head and Neil Hamburger will love this.

    Also on LP which is available from Toyo.

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