San Francisco's masters of crushing and epic power/black metal finally unleash their self recorded debut The Bastard. Hammers Of Misfortune are the latest band to emerge from San Francisco's burgeoning metal scene (Slough Feg, The Fucking Champs, Impaled, Noothgrush, Exhumed, Dekapitator, Ludicra, The Gault, fellow tUMULt recording artists Weakling and others).

    Hammers Of Misfortune, have created an epic and complex story (told in three acts with three distinct characters/voices) with an equally epic and complex soundtrack that combines melodic power metal, buzzing black metal, and haunting folk, as well as elements of prog and classical. Majestic and overwhelming, melodic and completely relentless.

    Originally known as Unholy Cadaver, The Hammers Of Misfortune spent a over a year crafting this totally crushing metallic masterpiece of intense metallic riffs, unforgettable vocal melodies and masterful songwriting. They combine the best elements of both power metal and black metal: totally unique and majestic male vocals, soaring siren's song female vocals, dark and eerie, acoustic folk-influenced guitar breaks, furious Maiden-esque dual guitar harmonies, growling and shrieking black metal vocal rasps, dizzyingly complex song structures, relentless double bass drumming, fierce blazing speedgrind, ultra heavy headbanging riffs and elegant classical motifs. Completely original and totally amazing.

    The three, stringed-instrument-wielding members of the band share the vocal duties, Janis is the CHAOS GODDESS, Mike is the BASTARD, and half owl/half human frontman John is the TYRANT... Three utterly unique, intertwining vocal parts tell the story of the BASTARD: A forgotten CHAOS GODDESS angry that she has not received a blood sacrifice in 7.000 years convinces the BASTARD that he is human, and that he has been left to die in the forest by the TYRANT. The only way to free himself is to rescue the BLOOD-AX from the underworld and slay the TYRANT. But is he really human, or merely an unwitting pawn, made from "wood, wind and stone", tricked into doing the forest's bidding?

    The whole story is beautifully rendered in a 24-page booklet that includes the liberetto as well as beautiful wood-cut style illustrations. Imagine a mixture of Cradle Of Filth and Blind Guardian, Slough Feg and Opeth, Iron Maiden and seventies British psych-folk combo Comus, or early Ulver and Mercyful Fate. It's that eclectic, that classic, that amazing.

    Majestic, melancholic, virtuosic, dramatic, riffic, EPIC.

    Bizarre, baroque, proud, masterful, and true metal.


"The Dragon Is Summoned"
"The Bastard Sapling"
"On Wings of Vengeance"
"The Hunting Tyrant"
"You Should Have Slain Me"

"An Oath Sworn In Hell"
"The Blood Ax Speaks"
"Tyrant Dies"
"The Witch's Dance"

"The Prophecy Has Two Meanings"
"New King's Lament"
"For The Axe"
"Troll's March"
"Sacrifice / The End"

    The Bastard is OUT OF PRINT now! Re-press coming soon...

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