Crushing and pummeling majestic beauty, interspersed with delicate moments of hushed whispery strum. Lumbering down-tuned hyper-rhythmic skull crack dropped delicately into suffocating expanses of near silence. Delicate pointilist piano mutates into a dirgey exercise in tension that sounds like a lost Dario Argento soundtrack performed by The Melvins. Lilting and melancholy near-ballads are disrupted by incessant and brutally heavy riffs. Amidst the pummel and beneath the negative space swirls a barely audible maelstrom of whispered vocals, warbling turntables and whirring vacuum cleaners, all adding to the confusional brilliance that was Harvey Milk. And their heart wrenching cover of Leonard Cohen's "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong" features what has to be the most tortured and anguished vocal performance ever recorded.

    Too heavy to be post rock. Too weird to be metal. Too everything to be anything, Harvey Milk are unconventional and wholly unique, both structurally and sonically, touching on territory mined by the likes of Gastr Del Sol, Codeine, Queen, Husker Du, Man Is The Bastard, The Melvins and ZZ Top, but slowing it down, and fucking it up, making it more beautiful, while making it difficult to listen to at all.

    Hypnotic, repetetive and jarring. Unpredictable, exhausting and perplexing.

    Grand in its stubborn difficulty.
    Epic in its difficult beauty.
    A fucking masterpiece.

    Legendary for their devastating live shows and their absolutely absurd heaviness. A thunderous sonic concoction, the equal of Earth, The Melvins, The Swans, Gore, and Man Is The Bastard, they crafted inconceivable slabs of mesmerising, ultra dynamic sludge, as well as precious moments of effortless grace and restraint.

    Originally released in 1997 as a super limited double LP,
Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men has never been available on CD until now. Recreating the LP's original packaging, the CD is housed in an amazing mini gatefold, beautifully letter pressed on an antique printing press, and painstakingly hand screened and hand assembled.

    Let us repeat: it's a fucking masterpiece!

    Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men is OUT OF PRINT now! But has been re-released with way less cool artwork (but with a bonus disc) on Relapse Records...

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