Thuja create barren landscapes, phantoms and crags, evoking the mysteries of the forest, fissures and smoldering seashores. A new group, with members of Mirza and Id Battery, Thuja's music is improvised and momentous, its noises quiet and precarious. A delicate melodic drama unfolds through washed out guitars, tinkling piano, rumbling organ swells and whispering accordian, suspended in abstract currents of treated percussion, electronics and sonified objects.

    A hypnotic haze of loose melodies and rhythmic melancholia, reminiscient of the dark shimmering soundscapes of Popul Vuh, the free drones of the Taj Mahal Travellers and the lysergic neo-krautrock of the No Neck Blues Band. The sounds of breaking sticks and scraping stones become a loose framework for subtle sonic explorations, dark and drifting, spectral and somber.

The Deer Lay Down Their Bones is Thuja's first release, and comes packaged in a beautiful hand assembled, silk screened transparent sleeve, each with a square of real wood, every one unique.

    The Deer Lay Down Their Bones is OUT OF PRINT now!

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