Who would have thought that there was a world of black metallers out there bowing before the Lord, and no, not the Dark Lord, the, um LORD Lord. You know... Jesus Christ. God. It's true, there's a whole world of UN-black metal out there, white metal, with all the buzz and blast and then some, but none of the evil. Up until now, the spirit of these bands while not a secret, tended to be more subtle. With titles like "Goatcrush", "To The Unholy", "Unblackened", still sounded pretty evil, and band names like Agathothodion, Glaciial, Flaskavsae, if one weren't paying attention, one might be forgiven for thinking these bands were indeed true grim black metal. But Unblack bands need pull no punches, the music speaks for itself. Seriously, spiritual, totally positive, sure, but still extremely harsh and buzzing and ultra fucked up, heavy and freaked out, psychedelic and damaged.

When you actually think about it, these bands are indeed true, and not even just in a religious sense, they are true to their vision, and their ideals. Although we're not exactly sure what it is exactly that makes white metal so completely and amazingly twisted and tweaked. But it is! As grim as any black metal band you can name, in fact, if anything the sound of these bands, Light Shall Prevail, Agathothodion, Flaskavsae, Glaciial, is more grim and true, unique and fucked up, way more individual and out there than the majority of the cookie cutter black metal bands we hear every day

Some folks flat out refuse to listen to any of these unblack bands, seemingly offended by the idea of unblack black metal, and some other bands on tUMULt expressed some trepidation, but ultimately it's their loss. I'd venture to guess that 99% of black metaheads (and probably bands for that matter), aren't actually Satanists anyway (my apologies to those that are) and very probably like the music FOR the music, not for the corpse paint or the spikes or the kvlty grimness, and as cool as it is to get into the whole theater of it, the mysterious forest born black metal, the corpse-painted wraiths spewing hateful sounds direct from the depths of hell... ultimately, this is MUSIC, pure and simple, dark, mysterious, fucked up, passionate, buzzing, brutal, grim, blackened, brilliant music, and the bands and the music collected on this 2cd compilation are most definitely all of those things and more....

For me this is not about religion, those that know me know where i stand on such things, its about music, and this is some of the most amazing music I have ever heard...

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