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Hail once again tUMULtuous ones!

No news is good news.

Three new releases. And they all rule!


MASTERY "Barbaric Usurpation Of The Hypereonic Black Metal Throne "
Still more blackness oozes forth from the fertile blood saoked soil beneath the Bay Area. First there was Leviathan, Crebain, Draugar, now comes the one horde known simply as Mastery, who, in the past, has supplied bass and vokills for local black metallers Horn Of Dagoth, plays in SF horde Pale Chalice, and IS one man BM band (As in a proper one mand band, playing all of the insturments simultaneously) Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, spewing forth a dizzying, blasting, ultra brutal, ultra raw, old school, frenzied and frenetic blackness, buzzing and Burzumic, thrashing and chaotic, pounding and primitive. Prepare yourself for Mastery's Barbaric Usurpation Of The Hypereonic Black Metal Throne. Two discs collecting every Mastery recording to date! BOW DOWN.

BOTANIST "I: The Suicide Tree / II: A Rose From The Dead"
The debut recording from ths mysterious SF eco-terrorist black metal one man band. Eerie and esoteric, buzzing and baffling, drum and DULCIMER driven blackness. That's right, no guitar, no bass, just drums and dulcimer, a twisted 40 song double disc of some of the strangest and most original black metal you've (n)ever heard... Go HERE.

BLACK BUG "s/t "
CD reissue of the out of print debut lp from this Swedish new wave garage punk 3 piece, a furious feral synth driven monster, equal parts cold wave gloom, riot grrl yowl, in-the-red punk rock, and ultra raw blown out garage pop, raw and lo-fi, warped and woozy, a visceral and immediate, emotional and bombastic, bloody screaming sonic gem, bursting with heart and hooks, groove and grind, blast and buzz. Read more about it HERE.


V/A "I'm Sorry And I Miss You... "
A black metal reinterpretaion of Slint''s Spiderland, Leviathan, Draugar, Crebain, Sutekh Hexen and more... read more about it HERE.

TOMB OF... "...the first funeral "
Piano driven blackened doom, like Windham Hill meets ultra depressive doom, hard to explain but this stuff is so dark and haunting and heavy with no guitars, just voice, piano and synthesizers, two long out of print cassettes compiled on once cd, with extra tracks, all remastered and with extra tracks, lots more HERE.

Gorgeous haunting depressive blackness from Switzerland. Twisted and creepy and beautiful and otherworldly. Another out of print tape reissued with extra tracks and all sorts of new stuff, check out more here.

OVSKUM "s/t "
Breathtaking, mysterious, shoegazey, slowcore-d black metal from Italy, first proper cd, imagine a black metal Mazzy Star and you might be getting close, lots more here.

NEMO "discography "
Head spinning, confusional, ultra fast, speaker shredding 8bit hyper grind. Lightning speed drum machines, video game samples, crushing riffage, shrieked vokills and all sorts of bizarre bleeps and blips and buzzing, turn Nemo's metallic grind into some sort of grindmetal alien video game soundtrack. This stuff is so nuts it's kind of hard to even describe. If I was making a horror/alien invasion/splatter flick, the is the music I would want as the soundtrack. Think some fucked up mix of the Locust, Orthrelm, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Crom Tech, Man Is The Bastard, Space Invaders, Galaga, Missle Command, Joust and Rastan. Or the best death metal video game they never made for the Commodore 64! Fucking great! Cd compilation collecting everything they ever recorded... that too can be found here.

Finally to see the light of day, latest from these electronic experimentalists, drone and buzz, glitch and warble, swoon and shriek, all woven into some organic frightening beautiful thing. Lots more HERE.

TIERMES "tbd "
The newest release from this mysterious, mystical, magickal, industrial ambient drone outift from Finland, unfurling a gloriously blackened world of glistening shimmer and Krautrock dirge, nestled amidst breathtaking expanses of crystalline drone and hypnotically buzzing rumble. Dark sonic rituals, ceremonies of drifting tribal minimalism, abstract dronefolk sacraments and shamanic explorations of shadowed and starless otherworlds. Fall freely into a swirling, soul swallowing black oblivion... Discover much more HERE.

V/A "Unblack and Blessed "
A killer compilation of UN-black metal, WHITE metal, Christian black metal, whatever you want to call it, it's twisted and fucked up and buzzy and baffling and amazing. Two discs, the best UNblack metal we've heard in the last few years... HERE.

And yeah, maybe some other stuff, but we'll see...

That's it for now. More soon. Maybe...

All hail the tM faithful.


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